A giveaway (and why)

Win $300 to spend at The Merchant Home

Fun news: we're running a $300 giveaway this month! We'll be randomly choosing someone from our email list to receive a $300 credit to use in our online shop.

Interested? Click here to enter!

More importantly, why a giveaway? Here's my two cents:

From a marketing perspective, I believe that growing a solid, healthy email list is more important than growing following anywhere else on the internet. Email is where true correspondence happens, and in a world where social media apps can change their algorithm at any time, having control over how and when we can share with our audience (and to what percentage of that audience) is invaluable. 

And, I really believe our newsletter is adding value to those who open it: it's personal to our brand, rich in content, and in the end, enjoyable to read. It is the digital space that feels most exciting and appropriate for The Merchant Home, more than instagram, pinterest, or even this blog.  Finding and creating content for our email campaigns is much more natural than any other channel. And, it is the place where real conversations happen- thanks to all of you that reply directly to me after each mailer! 

With all that: I want to grow our email community more quickly. I think it is really important. On top of that, I absolutely love a great marketing test. (When we tested a pop-up subscribe box last fall, it increased newsletter opt-in rate by 4-5 times. So we kept it). And finally, how fun for someone out there to get to pick out something they love from our shop.

So after all this, I'd love it if you could head over and subscribe! We'll be picking a winner on May 31. And if you are already on our list: a huge thank you! You're eligible to win as well.

- Alexandra


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