January Newsletter Preview

Studio in process- The Merchant Home

Good morning all! We've been easing into the new year, and are hard at work finalizing the details of #YearOfOpen- thanks to everyone that has signed up and is sharing on social media. (We'll be sending out a dedicated note with details to all of you on Feb 1).

We'll be sending out our January newsletter in the next few days, and this one is going to be fun- of course! In it, you'll find:

- a step-by-step of how we compile, edit, and design The Merchant Home newsletter (one of the questions we get asked most consistently).

- introducing our first in-studio WORKSHOP!! It's something I've been wanting to do myself for years, and I think you'll love it. 

- some questions for you, via our first annual brand survey, along with a thank-you discount code to our shop.

-  links to our favorite podcasts, things we're finding inspiring, and even a video that (finally) explained to us how Snapchat works.

We'd love to have you check it out. You can subscribe right here. Many thanks!

- Alexandra