Le Point, San Francisco


Upon walking into Le Point, I took a momentary pause to question whether or not I was still in San Francisco. Between the fashion-forward product mix, color-coded visual merchandising and overall minimalist vibe, the concept felt entirely more European than San Franciscan. Aside from the scattered successes of a few local labels, the Bay Area has never been considered a driving force in the world of fashion when compared to its other metropolitan counterparts. Le Point actively contradicts this reality by bringing a healthy dose of high fashion with hints of avant-garde edge to the corner of Valencia and 14th in San Francisco’s Mission District.

In a world where more and more retailers test the waters with an online shop before moving to brick and mortar, Le Point owner Pauline Montupet knew she wanted to create a certain experience with her concept that couldn’t be conveyed solely online. Being inside the store, you start to understand why. With a limited number of each product displayed on the retail floor, each item carries more weight—details become more pronounced, colors become richer and textures more intricate. Furthermore, the store’s white-washed walls and floors also help to draw and maintain focus on the products (not to mention, setting the stage for fool-proof Instagram opps).

Among the mix sits pieces from designers like Tibi, Opening Ceremony and Ryan Roche—representing just a few of Le Point’s local and global brand selection. In addition to both men’s and women’s apparel, Le Point also features jewelry, handbags, and other various housewares and accessories that align with the shop’s warm minimalist aesthetic.

So the next time you’re craving a high-fashion fix and are skeptical of San Francisco’s ability to deliver, stop by Le Point and you’re sure to be delightfully surprised.

Visit Le Point at 301 Valencia St. (at 14th).

Copy and photography by Ali Hartwell for The Merchant Home. Please credit and link appropriately.