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Onomie Beauty
Onomie Beauty Review [the merchant home]
Onomie Beauty Review [the merchant home]
Onomie Beauty Review [the merchant home]

Welcome to a sometimes series here on The Merchant Home: quick product reviews, from the buyer's desk. I review a TON of products through the course of my everyday: potential merchandise for clients, product development samples, interesting discoveries that find their way across my desk, and of course, things I buy for myself. Want to submit your amazing product for potential review? Send me a note here.

Product: Onomie Beauty A.C.E. Illuminating Eye Treatment; Onomie Beauty Bright Concealing Elixir.

Soundbite: Effective, elegant, and with a solid kick of girl power.

Use: Eye Treatment: Pat along outer eye bone and top of cheekbone. I've been using it after moisturizer and before foundation. Concealing Elixir: Pat along undereye area until blended, starting at inner eye and working outwards.

Review: To start- wow, do the folks at Onomie know their branding and user experience. I rarely buy a product on the day it launches, but their scientifically backed claims (85% of study participants saw a reduction in fine lines), super-sharp product focus, and downright gorgeous brand aesthetic drew me in. That, and the price point, which felt completely accessible to me. I ordered the A.C.E. Illuminating Treatment in Lovelace and the home try-on kit ($3 bucks!) for the three palest shades. Post order- their email correspondence was lovely, and I spent quite a bit more time on the site educating myself about benefits and use, and generally feeling pretty good about my purchase. 

Once the product arrived (which did take quite a bit longer than I expected- a full week to get to California), the unboxing experience was just as I expected. Often- this is where consumerism loses the magic for me, but not in this case. Sealed with an embossed sticker and wrapped with crisp tissue in the most perfect blush pink color, it felt truly special to open the package (and I'm self-admittedly difficult to impress here). 

In using the product the first time- consider me sold. I haven't used my regular highlighter and have completely switched to the Illuminating Eye Treatment. It is a bit thicker than I expected, so I wait a bit before applying my next layer of makeup, and a little goes a very long way (the tube is pretty tiny, but I think I'll get a lot of uses out of it). And although Onomie products aren't completely natural (it's hard to find an effective makeup that is), they are fragrance, paragon, alcohol, and phthalate-free, as a start. As a big fan of Vitamin C, one of the things that drew me in was the ingredient's inclusion in the Illuminating Eye Treatment. When I got to testing the Bright Concealer Elixir, I found that my hunch was right as far as shade, and that Shade 2 was the right match, but I appreciated trying one shade up and down. The differences in shades were definitely quite significant, and had a yellow base (which I've found works best on my skin). I'd expect that most women could find a match within their range. Similarly to the eye treatment- the product was a bit thicker than I expected for a liquid concealer, and on first try, I was left with quite a bit of excess- you only need a tiny bit. I loved the coverage- it does a fantastic job of covering dark circles, and I've found it layers beautifully. It also blends into the skin quite nicely and feels more like a skincare product than a typical concealer, which usually feel a bit cake-y to me.

Final thoughts: I'm super excited to have introduced this skincare-meets-makeup into my morning routine. I've been displeased with mass-market makeup in general lately, and think that Onomie is onto something with their target market and product line. 

Learn more about Onomie here on their website- there's lots to explore and learn about this innovative company.

Top photo credit: Onomie; Bottom photos credit: Alexandra Sklar for The Merchant Home

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