Kypris Beauty Review

kypris moonlight catalyst and antioxidant dew

A new little series here! I review a TON of products through the course of my everyday: potential merchandise for clients, product development samples, interesting discoveries that find their way across my desk, and of course, things I buy for myself. Thought it might be fun to share a some of my reviews and finds here, enjoy!

Today, we'll start out with a beauty review! I've been using these Kypris products for about three weeks now. I'm an admitted skincare junkie (I got hooked when I was a Buyer for skincare a few years ago), especially when it comes to nighttime treatments. Generally, my skin is slightly dry (and fair, and freckled!), although better since we've moved to the beach. I thankfully have minimal skin issues beyond that, so I am a liberal user of creams, oils, and serums.  Just note, some readers with different skin needs may respond differently than I to these products. 

Product: Moonlight Catalyst from Kypris Beauty

Use: I've been applying at night, over the Antioxidant Dew. I follow up with an oil or night cream. It does work as an exfoliant, so I am extra careful to only use at night, clean my face in the morning, and use sunscreen to protect freshly-revealed skin. I also do not use with any retinol or vitamin-A night creams, only more simple/gentle moisturizers. Initially, I was using nightly, but my skin is feeling great and I'm now using it every other night or so.

Review: So, this is the product that drew me to the Kypris line and convinced me to purchase. Frankly, it's an intriguing name that caught my attention just as I was looking for a rich new nighttime treatment that would bring me fresher looking skin in the morning. Once I read more about it, I was intrigued by the ingredient mix, especially the pumpkin enzymes and the restorative qualities of rosehip seed extract.  Recommended use is 1-2 droppers worth, but I've been using about 1/2 a dropper and finding it is plenty to cover my entire face. It is a little sticky slightly after applying, but dries quickly. The scent is fairly strong- I'd describe it as peachy, grassy, and clean. After using for a few weeks, I can honestly say my skin appears healthier. I am used to waking up with dry, tight skin in the morning, and adding this as a layer into my routine has helped- my skin feels hydrated from the get-go. 


Product: Antioxidant Dew from Kypris Beauty

Use: I've been using morning and night, after lightly cleansing and applying a toner or mist. After applying, I follow up with a heavier serum (usually from Kahina, which is quite thick, but feels great for my skin), and then sunscreen (or at night, an oil or night cream).

Review: So far, it seems like a little of this goes a long way- just a portion of the dropper (a few drops) is enough to spread liberally. Has a great silky feel and absorbs quickly- I can almost immediately layer another product on top. The serum is a milky white color, which surprised me at first. It is lightly scented, but almost unnoticeable, in a good way. After using, my skin feels hydrated and refreshed. I usually use some sort of antioxidant serum, and what I prefer about this one is that my skin feels natural and there is no tightening effect. It's also very easy to layer (Kypris recommends using with their elixir blends). I have noticed that since using these two products, my skin feels softer to the touch (I credit this to the exfoliating effect of the Moonlight Catalyst), more even, and has a bit more of a glow to it.

Learn more about Kypris on their website. I was drawn to the brand and products due to their focus on ingredients and product effacacy. Ingredients are 100% natural or nature-derived, and many (though not all) are certified organic. I also really enjoyed the box and bottle packaging- the gold-foiled boxes are lovely (I've saved them in my packaging reference pile) and the blue bottles add a spot of cheer to my vanity tray. 

Photo credit: Alexandra Sklar for The Merchant Home