New, at The Merchant Home

You may notice something is a little different here at The Merchant Home! That's right- in our downtime, we've been (very) hard at work on a shiny new website. Along with this, there's been a lot of thinking about our brand- how our business is structured, what services our clients are looking for, and what the next iteration of The Merchant Home could become. 

With that, I'm happy to share with you a few changes! We've more clearly defined our business activities, now organized into three distinct areas: The Studio, The Shop, and The Journal. Check out the top navigation, where we've clarified our message and given each it's own direct link. A bit more about each:

The Studio is all about working, home to our client-driven merchandising services. We're fortunate to spend our working time focused on supporting an incredible roster of brands that we personally love and believe in. This is the core of our business and what we enjoy doing most. Beginning this November, we'll be relocating to a physical studio space where we can better serve our clients through in-person office hours and creative sessions.

Within The Studio, you'll find a streamlined explanation of our consulting services, including scouting/sourcing, product development, and creative direction. Additionally (and after many requests!) I'm quite excited to say we are in the early stages of providing better support for smaller makers and brands, through the form of new, focused service packages, available a la carte. We're starting small here, and have a release plan in the pipeline to offer even more of these services in upcoming months.

The Shop is all about playing, a new creative playground where we can test, experiment, and exercise our merchandising muscles so we're always sharp for our clients. In the spirit of transparency and education, I'll be sharing a step-by-step of how our shop came to be later on, so watch this space to see how it all came to fruition, and to learn what we learned ourselves in the process (key tidbits such as, velcro-ing a towel bar to your garage wall is never a good idea, and a reminder of why we always see a sample before ordering anything). 

We've envisioned this as a rotating collection of goods, just things that we find along the way, items we love, and things we live with or wear in our own lives. As a start, I'm pleased to share with you an assortment of items that we truly love, largely handmade and primarily sourced from female-led companies and makers. We partnered with some favorite creatives to produce a few items exclusively for The Merchant Home, including gorgeous work by Susan Connor, Kadie Salfie, Linda Fahey, Eefje Theeuws, and Rachel Robertson.

The Journal is all about learning, a space where we can share our insights and inspirations with your, our community. Education is a core value of The Merchant Home, whether we are working with our clients, sharing with our community on our social media channels, or knee-deep in constant self-education while running our shop. As an extension of The Journal, I'm most excited our recent release of The Newsletter, where we craft a collection of favorite links each month, and share only with subscribers.

So, that's what's new at The Merchant Home! Much credit is due to a talented, scrappy, inspiring group of women who helped put this together behind the scenes (during our busiest time of year and with a new baby in the mix!)- Ali Hartwell (editorial contributor + merchandising support), Dalilah Arja (graphics editing + digital marketing), Kaylin Feliciani (freelance merchandising manager), and Kristin Philipkoski (fellow Pacifican, cool mom, and now, top model).

And many more thanks to those of you following along with our journey. I'm so glad to have you here! Please send me a note anytime at 

With gratitude, Alexandra