Cuyana, San Francisco

Located on the second story of a building across from San Francisco’s Union Square, Cuyana’s flagship store is rather peacefully removed from the hustle and bustle of the city. Despite being situated in a spot that Bay Area locals tend to avoid like the plague, the store sees a healthy dose of brand loyalists who are willing to battle tourist traffic just to experience Cuyana’s full range of products in the flesh.


Cuyana got its start online in 2013 and after seeing much success, opened it’s flagship store in 2014. Since then they’ve started to dabble in other retail strategies--the most recent of which being a pop-up shop on Venice Beach’s highly coveted Abbott Kinney Blvd. This is the second pop-up shop they’ve done (the first being in SoHo last holiday season), allowing the brand to test the waters in different markets without the burden of commitment.

But by the looks of the brand’s widespread appeal and the love it’s received from the fashion community, it’s clear Cuyana has a fanbase just about wherever it shows up. Between the company’s unwavering commitment to social responsibility and a refined selection of simple and timeless products, their “Fewer, Better Things” mantra comes to life and resonates deeply with a target demographic made up of recovering impulse shoppers (myself included).

Beyond the products themselves and Cuyana’s vertically integrated structure, the company works hard to live by their mission. The showroom often doubles as an event space where Cuyana hosts seminars on topics like interior design, travel, and wine--all of which ladder back up to the brand’s core message of “Fewer, Better Things”. They’re also known for their “Lean Closet” movement, which encourages customers to donate unwanted clothing items in exchange for shopping credit.

As a full-fledged Cuyana fangirl, it was a treat to see the brand’s entire product assortment in real life. Even the space itself was a subtle representation of the beauty of a “Fewer, Better Things” approach. And that, my friends, is a sentiment my tiny apartment and I can get behind.

Visit Cuyana at 291 Geary St. #201, San Francisco, CA

Copy and photography by Ali Hartwell for The Merchant Home. Please credit and link appropriately.