[the wrap] august 08, 2014

why, hello there! it's been almost exactly six months since i last posted one of these weekly recaps. in fact, the last one went up the very week that i launched my new business. so, the story there is clear! things have been busy. good busy, but busy.

i miss writing these posts at the end of the week. i'm the type of person that will just keep thinking and going endlessly, and this gives me a nice little box to wrap all of my thoughts up in and keep them, freeing up some space for the weekend.

you may wonder, what's the impetus for me sitting down and writing tonight. well, there was one, and it's actually slightly theatric. my mind has been going a million miles an hour recently. i'm loving my work and feeling really creatively energized, and when that happens to me professionally, it spills over into my personal life. i'm all or nothing, either really up or really down. so, i've been feeling artistic and doing lots of dabbling since moving to california. i love making things and really felt a hole where that was missing when we lived in our loft in philly, so having the physical space (backyard!) and mental space (not stressing about being away from home!) to create has been really liberating.

tonight, in a flurry of inspiration, i found myself kneeling on the living room floor, using the world's oldest x-acto knife to score the world's thickest plexiglass, and breaking pieces away to form a very specifically sized circle (17" diameter, fyi).  wrong tools, i know! i have two degrees in this stuff, which they should clearly take away from me after tonight. but whatever, i was determined and it was going to work. i was going to cut this perfect circle out of this plexiglass, and in record time.

long story short- before i even realized it, there was blood on my white carpet. coming from my hand. yes, i was doing this on my carpet. needless to say, that was the end of that, i ended up chilling on the couch with a glass of wine, and so ends the story of how i had to slice my finger open with a shard of plastic in order to afford myself a moment of mental pause. 

all injuries aside, i'm happy to be back here, and am planning on dropping in and writing more as it feels right. writing, and writing more, was one of my major personal goals for this year, and even just typing these few clunky paragraphs feels...good.  

i'll leave you with a few links i've flagged recently- enjoy!

And with that, happy weekend to all.

Pictured above: vintage glass spotted at the Alameda Flea; a typical foggy summer day around town. Follow along with more of my day-to-day and all of my overshares on Instagram.