Introducing The Collective Quarterly

The Collective Quarterly IssueØ

Today, I'm beyond excited to share with you the launch of a new quarterly magazine and shop, The Collective Quarterly.  I've had the good fortune of working with the new publication since this fall as their Lead Merchant, and have seen first-hand how much thought, intention, creativity, and enthusiastic friendship has been poured into the pages by its founders, Jesse, Jay, and Seth. It is beautifully conceived and executed, with each issue exploring a single location (first up is the enclave of Marfa, TX), taking the readers, alongside a collective of artists, makers, and creators, on a thoughtfully inspiring journey, uncovering the unknown and telling the stories of those they meet along the way. To quote directly from The Collective Quarterly:

This is a magazine about creating.

It follows select artists and artisans on a trip to the unseen hideaways that inspire them to craft uncommon goods. The camera lens brings into focus an often blurry creative process as they work alongside each other to discover truth, surprise and an aesthetic that delights. In these pages, you’ll find a carefully edited selection of dry goods, art, music, food, drink, and stories, all deeply rooted in the heritage and land around us. 

This journey hinges on a communion of likeminded creators. We are illustrators, photographers, and writers.
 We are shirt-makers, boot-crafters, and denim-cutters. We are bartenders, chefs, and musicians. We are the Collective.

In a move close to my own heart, we've put together a tightly edited group of products, inspired by days spent in Marfa, new friendships forged along the way, and the spirit of handmade, American goods.  Coinciding with the launch of Issue Ø, the dry goods collection features a range of limited edition and exclusively-developed new products, made in collaboration with some favorite brands, including Faribault Woolen Mills, Duluth Pack, and Fischer Clothing.

In so many ways, I identify with the ethos and mission of The Collective Quarterly.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work alongside these gentlemen, to find a group of people so similarly inspired by the story of the adventurer, the maker, the everyman, and to help them make their visions a reality.  Many more good things to come from this group!  And as we say, Always Go.

To learn more, visit The Collective Quarterly, travel along on Instagram, or purchase The Marfa Issue here.