[field trip] scribe wine

this weekend, we headed up to scribe winery in sonoma for a quiet afternoon wine tasting with family.  matt and i first visited scribe while we were in from philly last summer on our house-hunting trip, and with the madness of planning our cross-country move, found ourselves lounging on a grassy knoll, enjoying a sun-filled moment of respite.  yes, it feels that idyllic.  growing up in the santa ynez valley wine region, and seeing firsthand how the industry in california has developed (and become very commercialized and impersonal),  i find myself seeking out wine-tasting experiences that are more simple, familial, and focused- which exactly what scribe is. it was just a quick drive up and over the golden gate bridge to the winery, and my cousin's family drove up to meet us from berkeley.  as usual, it was a leisurely, low-key vibe, with friendly service and delicious wine.  i think the two toddlers in the group had just as much fun as their grateful parents!  we left with a few bottles, and i'm excited to head back up for the next SVS pickup. a saturday well-spent, absolutely.

[all photos credit alexandra sklar]