[good company] ederle

i learned of a beautiful new online shop last week when Ederle and founder Joanne Heckadon followed me on twitter.  i'm really identifying with the ethos behind the UK-based brand- finding beauty in simplicity, reconnecting with natural elements, and treasuring fewer possessions.  the collection is modern but timeless, carefully considered and beautifully presented.  I found out from Rosa of Cereal magazine that not only is Rich Stapleton, Cereal's co-founder, the photographer for Ederle's gorgeous lookbook, but Rosa herself is the model hiding behind the dip-dyed napkin. Founder and designer Joanna partnered with UK-based craftsmen to put together the ocean-inspired collection. Pictured above, a few of my favorite items from the new shop.  those birthday candles are so so sweet!

Images via Ederle