[make it] meyer limoncello, part two

for the first time ever, we handed out homemade, "grown in the california sunshine" holiday gifts to our friends, family, and new neighbors.  you may remember this post in which my kitchen smelled amazing! making limoncello was extremely easy- find lemons from a kind neighbor's garden, wash lemons very well, grate the zest (being careful to stop at the white pith, which is bitter), and mix the ingredients. the recipe i used was 6 cups of water, 6 cups of vodka, 4 cups of sugar, and the zest of about 20 meyer lemons- resulting in just under 4 liters of limoncello.  we canned it in airtight jars in our pantry for about 4 weeks, and when it was done, strained and bottled it (thanks to my husband for taking care of this part!).

there are all kinds of variations you can make, including using oranges/grapefruits instead of lemons, or infusing with herbs such as rosemary- next time i plan on getting more adventurous. the one challenging part of this was actually finding bottles at a reasonable price- i picked up some small oil bottles in sonoma, and bought the larger bottles shown (we're calling this the "family size") here.  and as a last step, i quickly designed the labels using some free fonts, a watercolor swatch, and a stamp kit.

considering i can barely make toast, i'm pretty excited with how this turned out.  it is a bit heavy with the alcohol, so i'm recommending this be used in a cocktail- limoncello+sour cherry juice + soda water, or limoncello + lavender simple syrup + tonic.  cheers!