[the weekly wrap] nov 13 2013

many, many interesting things going on recently. i'm feeling more adjusted here in california, and charlotte and i are getting into a nice routine that allows me to work, her to play, and both of us to spend time together exploring.  i've visited a few wonderful places for clients recently (including an incredible bonsai farm and a beautiful ceramics studio), and am feeling really inspired by the people i have met and stories i have heard.  and, i'm excited to be working on some product development, can't wait to see my projects on store shelves this spring. my brother came to visit for a long weekend- i so appreciate that he drove 10-hours each way just to hang out with us!  as usual, we stayed up too late talking about ideas and brainstorming projects together. he's the best.

i'm trying to check out a few local places every week- last weekend i visited Shelldance Orchids, which i have been driving by everyday since moving here.  it had a very mysterious and ageless feel- fun to explore briefly. i do wish the plants had been in better condition, they were in need of some water.  we also headed down to half moon bay a couple of times.  i discovered the most amazing linen quality in one of the little kitchen shops there!  yesterday, we met Jenn for coffee and a walk around town- so lovely to meet her after striking up conversation online.

i've started doing some work with the Collective Quarterly, which I am beyond excited about, and can't wait for it to launch!  these guys are great, so creative and smart, with an incredible eye and point of view.  also on the work front- i've been writing!  my first post for the new Garden Design magazine went up this week, very exciting for me to see.

up next- a few more vendor meetings this week, and a visit to the West Coast Craft event tomorrow at Fort Mason.  Then, heading to Long Island, New York for a long Thanksgiving with my husband's family.  i may have taken the east coast for granted a bit while i was there- my schedule is already packed for our trip, and i have so much to see!

links that have caught my interest:

online friend Rita of The American Edit posted this fantastic recap of Northern Grade Minneapolis.

Jessica of DesignSeeds is starting a conversation about celebrating reciprocity this holiday season.

mindfulness is the new black, according to the NYT.

DWR is doing some interesting content partnerships, including this interview with the talented ladies behind Of A Kind

my current favorite blog is Lily Stockman's- her posts are so full of thought, and very real.

images above - [1] a quick stop at ocean beach, san francisco. [2] a typical morning- i've started drinking coffee! [3] one of the displays from guideboat co in mill valley- i was really impressed with the amount of American-made product in the store [4] snapshot of my desk.