[finds] taylor stitch women

recently, i've really been enjoying the new women's collection from one of my favorite men's lines, taylor stitch- exactly what i want to be wearing right now for my first fall living along the northern california coastline.  they've done a great job of keeping the collection focused and building a new narrative, all within the spirit of the brand.  And of course, I'm hooked with the "proudly made in California" tagline.

the lookbook was shot by Justin Chung. i was previously unfamiliar with his work, but after spending some time on his website, i am loving the timelessness and transportive qualities of his photography- simple and natural, perfectly capturing my current mood. (this forthcoming project from Justin is intriguing as well). modeling is Becca of A Well-Traveled Woman (the talented voice behind one one of my favorite blogs, who also has beautiful new shop of her own).

check out more here on Taylor Stitch. All photos by Justin Chung for Taylor Stitch.

for those interested in the Made In California movement, I've been following this project with interest.