i'm really interested to see what this becomes.  this week, the founder of men's retailer Bonobos widened his retail portfolio with the announcement of a new concept for women, named Ayr.  with a soft launch of denim in November, previewing the Spring 2014 collection, the website consists of soft imagery, a friendly email sign-up box, and the tagline "edited, effortless, essential, all year-round".  from the tone and feel of the email i received, and the aesthetic of Ayr's instagram images- this seems like a brand for me.  and after all, i am the target market- 30s, busy, well beyond the fast-fashion phase, desiring effortless style but finding myself without the time to curate an entire wardrobe. so, color me intrigued.  and watch this space for my thoughts on the product come launch.

for more reading, this article gives some great insight into the position and market for Ayr, as well as the new brand's merchant and designer leads, both hailing from J.Crew.

images via the Ayr instagram