Our Story

We believe in creating meaningful product experiences.

When a shopper picks up a freshly-folded sweater from a table, or adds the perfect throw pillow to her online basket, we think it matters.  With a bit of intention and the swipe of a card, that product has become a part of her wardrobe, her home, her life.

Today's consumer has plenty of shopping options.  Considerations such as backstory, maker, quality,  and lasting appeal are increasingly important as shoppers choose where, how, and why to spend their dollars.   

At Merchant Home, we deliver thoughtful, effective  solutions for brands, makers, and product businesses.

We turn bright ideas into physical products, direct inspiring consumer experiences, curate and buy for brand launches, scout for the newest and best, and collaborate with a worldwide network to bring new products to life.  

Our clients stand above the rest through inventive product assortments and initiatives- intriguing, enticing, and engaging their customer for the long-term.

 Some call this emerging movement "Slow Retail". 

We call it good business.

Our Experience

Founded and led by Alexandra Sklar, a veteran merchant and product strategist, Merchant Home has a foundation built on driving product vision, merchandising strategy, and financial growth at major international retailers.

In 2014, after cultivating her point of view on timeless style, thoughtful consumerism, and growing businesses through creative innovation, Alexandra brought her years as an industry tastemaker to her new venture, Merchant Home

With buying background in both fashion and home decor, her deep product experience includes apparel, accessories, beauty, home accents, textiles, garden, and furniture. She's a frequent collaborator and steadfast supporter of the artisan-made, handmade, and Made-in-America movements. A global traveler and adventurer, her sourcing community runs deep, and she brings a partner network of over 1500 artists, makers, and vendors with her to Merchant Home.

Prior to falling in love with the possibilities of the retail experience, Alexandra received her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and her B.A. from the College of Environmental Design at the University of California, Berkeley.  

She has been an invited lecturer on merchandising, retail, and product strategy at the Lundquist College of Business and the Wharton School of Business. Learn more about her professional experience at major retailers here.

Keep in touch with Alexandra on Instagram, PinterestTwitter, or via her personal website.